Leap. Stop Looking…

“Close your eyes and open your mind” (Doug Gordon).


Stripped down to a photograph/photographer’s level, closing your eyes and opening your mind can mean that you free yourself from convention. That, although you know the rules (at least the basics) you choose to bend or break them. To shoot something strange enough to make people ask ‘who was that masked photographer anyway?’.

On another level, although it might seem an impossible task to us (as photographers we need to see, eyes first), for the most part, closing our eyes and opening our minds is exactly what we’re doing here. Taking a leap of faith in ourselves as both photographers and as businesspeople. Investing in ourselves to make us better than we were yesterday and to keep us growing enough so as to be almost unrecognisable imitations of ourselves in a year’s time. Opening our minds to more than shutter clicks. Thinking outside the picture frame, if you will, and believing in the possible.

As photographers we are interested in seeing our industry, and its players, not only grow, but thrive. As people, keeping things moving and changing and progressing, gets us out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle anything the day hurls at us.

(Next step – motivational speaking!).


About paradisephotoworkshops

Our aim is to improve the standard of photography in the Caribbean and South America by providing opportunities for training and mentorship at your doorstep.
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