Seats are going!!

Register NOW for the Doug Gordon Workshop in Trinidad on March 31st & April 1st!

Save over $120USD if you register before March 4th!

Doug Gordon Wedding & Portrait Photography Workshop

Contact us at 868-737-4008 for more info.

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A little extra

Things are underway for our Doug Gordon workshop on 31 march – 1st April 2011! At that workshop, we’ll be offering  registration specials on our next workshop(s), open to all attendees!

We’re working on our workshop schedules and are in talks with a number of top photographers in various fields, who are all pretty excited to participate!

Stay tuned and keep those emails coming – we love hearing from you!

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Focus Tutorial

Peter Tellone wrote a really good tutorial on achieving sharp focus on your shots in an article for Photo Tuts Plus.

In the interest of furthering our photography knowledge and really also because it’s a very good article, the link is here: Achieving Better Focus and Sharpness in Your Images


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The Doug Gordon Workshop Details are OUT!!!

High Fashion, High Glamour Weddings with Doug Gordon!

Thursday, March 31 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday, April 1 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel
Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

On March 31st and April 1st Doug Gordon will teach you the systems he has developed for shooting stunning, glamorous, profitable weddings and portraits.

Two full days of posing, lighting, photographic and post-production techniques and business tips from the photographer whose studios now shoot over 1000 weddings per year.

Workshops consist of seminar and demonstration content and lots of hands-on shooting on-location with professional models.

Lunch, snacks and refreshments would be provided throughout the duration of the workshop.

Cost: $525USD ($3,299 TT)

Book your seat now with a deposit of $150USD

Pay in FULL by February 26th and you pay ONLY $400USD ($2499 TT) for the Two-Day Workshop!

Attending from Overseas?
Ask about special flight and accommodation rates.

Deposits are non-refundable.

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Wow! As of today we’ve had over 1000 views on our less than week old blog! Thanks for all the interest!

To keep you updated, we’re trying to finalise some packages before posting up the Doug Gordon workshop details, so you can get the most value for your money across the board. It’s taking all our considerable charm and powers of persuasion (:p) and hopefully we’ll have something good news for you soon.

We’ll definitely have early bird discounts available (we’re capping the attendance to 30 participants on both days), and we’ll post the registration process here shortly.

In the meantime, please continue to send us your suggestions for photographers you’d like to see in your area – we are currently running a promo where the first person to suggest a photographer that we bring in to that location, gets a free seat at that event.


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Leap. Stop Looking…

“Close your eyes and open your mind” (Doug Gordon).


Stripped down to a photograph/photographer’s level, closing your eyes and opening your mind can mean that you free yourself from convention. That, although you know the rules (at least the basics) you choose to bend or break them. To shoot something strange enough to make people ask ‘who was that masked photographer anyway?’.

On another level, although it might seem an impossible task to us (as photographers we need to see, eyes first), for the most part, closing our eyes and opening our minds is exactly what we’re doing here. Taking a leap of faith in ourselves as both photographers and as businesspeople. Investing in ourselves to make us better than we were yesterday and to keep us growing enough so as to be almost unrecognisable imitations of ourselves in a year’s time. Opening our minds to more than shutter clicks. Thinking outside the picture frame, if you will, and believing in the possible.

As photographers we are interested in seeing our industry, and its players, not only grow, but thrive. As people, keeping things moving and changing and progressing, gets us out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle anything the day hurls at us.

(Next step – motivational speaking!).

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Big Things in 2011!

Following the success by members of this team last year in hosting Master Photographer Tony Corbell, we’ve decided to continue swimming with the big fish and bring Doug Gordon on board, because hey, the more the merrier!
So stay tuned and bombard us with ideas and requests in the meantime (you can do that under our who do you want page) – we’d love to have your feedback and start the year right!

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Welcome to Paradise Photo Workshops!

There’s lots about to happen within the Caribbean for 2011.

Stay tuned for more information as we finalise the coming year’s schedule with some of the worlds most influential and informative photographers and instructors, coming to a location near you!

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