Who Do You Want To Bring Next?

Let us know where you live and which top photographer you want us to try to bring down – we’ll facilitate as many as we can!


3 Responses to Who Do You Want To Bring Next?

  1. I’m primarily interested in landscapes and nature photography, not sure how much of an interest exists for this in T&T as everyone appears to be into wedding photography. Here’s my list.. Peter Lik or Charlie Waite if possible, Stephen Frink, underwater and nature photographer, and Darrell Gulin, a nature photographer who is one of Canons Explorer’s of Light, I know he does workshops.

  2. Thanks Stacey – we’re actually looking to bring in a landscape photog for our next workshop, as there seems to be a definite interest in this area (and we love it too:)
    Thanks for your suggestions – we’ll see what we can do!

  3. Brian Lewis says:

    If you can bring Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish, David Not on or Jeffrey Totaro that would be really great

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